My name is Flo and I am the mum of one and aunt of two. Becoming a mama was the biggest challenge of my life and made me realise how unprepared I was.

I knew nothing about how to raise a child and how to teach her essential things, so I panicked! I started doing what I do best, study! I read everything I could put my hands on, asked everyone every question I could think of, and so I realised that a child doesn’t need much, really, but to feel loved!

I started this blog while I was pregnant, first, as a mental support for myself, and second of all, to share my journey with other struggling parents, and also to share ideas of how to spend quality time with your little ones.

Please read my full story here.


Being a parent is not easy. But you are not alone! All of us struggle at times, and this is normal! I asked everyone about everything in the beginning and learnt everything as I went along. Check out the tips and tricks I’ve learnt in my journey!

Arts & Crafts

Art brings a lot of joy and educational experience in a child’s life. Besides improving the gross motor and fine motor skills, arts and crafts help the young mind be creative. Here i share the projects we have done so far.


Through healthy activities, children learn to have a healthy lifestyle and to cope with stress and other mental health issues. Check our ideas and get inspired for fun activities to do with your children!

Self Love

We live in a time when mental health and self love should be prioritized and acknowledged by everyone. As parents, it is very easy to forget about ourselves and put the children first, but shall we try not to? Here are some simple tips just for you!

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own desire to learn.


To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you should be in their lives today.