Exciting Valentine’s Day Activities For Children

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as it provides greatest inspiration for little artists and not only, we decided to share with you the top crafts and activities we can’t wait for each year!

For our family, 14th of February has a double significance, as it is our wedding anniversary as well. Our projects this time of the year are always juicy and our hearts fill the house entirely!


Hearts garlands

We made these cute hearts from old books pages and coloured them chaotically with crayons. I hand cut them, as Arianna is still not great with the scissors, although she started practicing now more often. We used a hole puncher to make it easier to put the hearts on a thread, and voila, the garland was ready to be displayed. Super cute and does not require a lot of materials!

Love trees

There are so many cute ideas you can do with a love tree! We chose to paint a tree trunk and to experiment more options, to extend our imagination and enjoy creating together.

The first tree we made, had hand cut hearts glued to it, on the branches and underneath, looking like they just had fallen off.

The second tree had hearts painted with a twisted toilet roll dipped in red paint. It was a bit tricky to shape the toilet roll in the desired shape, but once I was happy with it, I secured with with an elastic band. Another, easier way to do this is using cookie cutters to paint with! This one was by far Arianna’s favourite!

The third tree we made was painted with paper straws tied together in flowers shapes. As Arianna is only almost 3, I wanted for her to associate Valentine’s day with love, and she loves flowers!

Candy paper flowers

For this craft you need lollipops, sticks, colourful tissue paper and cupcakes paper. I had only white cupcakes papers, so I hand painted them before starting to put the materials together. I glued the lollipop to the end of a stick. If you want, you can cover the lollipop with tissue paper and glue it in place, but we chose to leave it like that.

Colourful playdough hearts

Plying with playdough is very beneficial for children, as it helps them develop them strengthen their finger muscles that they will use for writing, for instance. It also helps their mind get creative and develop the fine motor skills. Use heart cutters and let your child take the lead in decorating them!

Valentine’s Day cards

There are tons of ideas for cards with this occasion! We love using empty cards that we buy from Poundland for all of our cards projects.

You can make paper strips hearts, just like we made on our Christmas cards (check it out here), or use stencils to paint the heart on the card. You can use paints, and paint with brush or fingers, marbles or string, use crayons, or you can even glue pieces of paper on the stencil space.

For older children, that master the scissoring, the possibilities are even wider. This years favourite we made (mainly me), is a hand given flowers bouquet. It’s just too cute not to love!

Heart wreath

This wreath is so very simple to be made, and so wonderful to display! I used the same technique as used for the handprint Christmas wreath you can check out here.

Salt dough decorations

I made a few years back a post about salt dough and you can find the recipe here. We made small hearts and put them on a string and now we have very cute salt dough heart garland in our living room!

Paper arrows

Draw a heart on paper and cut around it. On sides make two small holes and put a straw through them to look like it has pierced the heart. On your choice, you can decorate the heart before or leave it as it is. Make a small triangle to glue on one end of the straw and V shaped or feather shaped paper for the other end of the straw. These make very cute decorations for Valentine’s Day!

Heart family portrait

I’ll admit, I made this! But it’s very easy for older children to try as well. I draw a heart shape on my canvas and covered the edges with tape. I painted the background red and edges black and blended it well together. I tried to leave the middle as untouched as possible, so I just painted all the colours towards middle and used the smallest amount of paint I could. For the next step you can use a stencil if you are not confident on your painting skills or you can even make stick men to represent your family. I chose to paint robins as when I was pregnant my husband bought us robin figurines for the 3 of us to protect our family during a rough pregnancy.

Handprint flowers

You can use these as artwork or to make cards, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even Teacher Appreciation Day. Dip your child’s hand in paint and leave the print on a paper. Paint a steam and leaves and your flower is personalised and very cute!


Valentine’s bingo

Bingo could be hilarious and it requires for the whole family to be involved and have fun! For us, Valentine’s Day is another occasion to be together and cherish the love we have for one another. We made our own bingo cards, but there are a lot of options on the market of bingo games to buy.

Learn the animal families

For young children, Valentine’s day brings a great opportunity to talk about animal families and exercise their memory. We used books and our tablet to look for animals of our interest, but we have found that Orchard Toys has a great mini game that is perfect for long rides in car as well (not that we are going anywhere now, in the middle of the pandemic), which is great when my job requires for me to take travel more than 30 minutes (and with me all family has to come as I don’t drive). We have a backpack that we keep in the car with essential things for Arianna when we are out, and catchy games are always a must.

Pin the heart Game

This game is fun for all family members and it requires coordination and spatial awareness. It helps the young children to develop motor skills and it brings the whole family together. It requires to stick the poster on a wall and all participants to wear eye masks and try to pin the heart of the fox in its place. Whoever places the heart closer wins. You can put rewards to motivate the participants or a score board. You can make this game or if you don’t have the time, purchase this product from Amazon, here.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, and it brings the opportunity to discuss with little ones about the meaning of love and it’s forms. We discussed about the love between mummy and daddy, but also the love for the other people in our lives, our pets and passions. Arianna was receptive and loved these conversations! How do you approach this holiday with your children?

Share in comments section down below which one is your favourite and what else you like to do with your children on Valentine’s Day! If you liked our post, share it with your friends and family and follow us on social media, where you can find us with social handle @flosbubbleofjoy.

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  1. These ideas are great…as a mum of a 2 years (with limited creative flare or enthusiasm) these ideas are amazing! There’s a lot of variety as well as ideas that can last as long (or short) as needed. We’ll definitely try them out

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