Snowmen Slam – A Winter Game

Christmas is fun, but you can make it even more entertaining for children by organizing a Snowmen Slam, that can be played both indoors or outdoors. What’s even more interesting, is that you can recycle items around the house to prepare for this game, making a great Winter gift to our beloved Earth.

Material needed:
  • 10 plastic bottles – 500 ml
  • rice
  • foam (from an old cushion)
  • washi tape
  • felt pom poms
  • permanent marker pen
  • sellotape
  • double sided tape or hot glue gun
  • ball

Empty the plastic bottles and dry them well. Remove the label and clean the residue of glue.

Put rice into bottles to fill about a quarter of the volume in each one of them. I chose to do like that, as when you hit them, sometimes they come back as they are heavier only on the bottom. For this game, that is great!

Fill the rest of each bottle with foam from an old cushion or cotton wool. This will keep the top part of the bottles light and white.

Seal the bottles with a bit of hot glue on cap when closing them. This will prevent for children to empty them and create a chocking hazard.

Draw on the faces and buttons of the snowmen with the permanent marker. You can glue cartoon faces or buttons made of pom poms but during the slam these may fall off.

With washi tape start making the hats and scarves of the snowmen. Usually washi tape is not very sticky, so I added extra sellotape at the ends of each strip to ensure that everything is secured right. Washi tape is cheap and is usually used for bullet journals, but it comes in lots of colours and patterns, and it can be found anywhere, but at the moment I buy my supplies online. Here you can find a nice set, bright and colourful, that it’s next on list to buy.
At the end you can add a pom pom on the cap for extra effect that you can stick with the hot glue gun or the much preferred double sided tape.
Rules of the game:

You need to arrange the snowmen in a pyramid, like when playing bowling: One in the first row, two on the second row, three on third row and 4 on fourth row.

The person playing must be at a distance based on their age and they need to throw the ball hitting the snowmen. They are allowed three strikes at a time and the number of snowmen down are equal with a point.

After each player, the snowmen need to be rearranged into initial position.

You can decide if to use a score on a table or a paper and if to give rewards for the winner, or if you play for fun only.


The heavier the ball, the easier will be to knock down the snowmen.

Have fun with this game and share your photos on social media tagging me @flosbubbleofjoy. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Leave us a comment in the section down below and share the article with your friends for them to have fun too.

Stay safe,

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