2020 As Seen By My Camera Roll

2020 was a year to be remembered! I selected the main photos from my camera roll to describe this year!

Day in the park

She’s not afraid, but I am for her!
In the first days of 2020 someone broke into our house. I must’ve guessed it will be a rough year!
Apparently Halloween costumes can be worn all year long, with style!
Decided to go out, without me!
Day out at Ponderosa Zoo
Arianna took this picture and posted it to my Facebook story. At that time I didn’t know how to do a story
At the beginning of the pandemic, in nursing homes we were provided with paper masks to protect us from the virus. These masks were so terrible, they got wet only by breathing in them!
For her second birthday, Arianna had no party, but enjoyed the cake and was so fascinated by the candles and the “Happy Birthday Song”
A Lockdown Birthday
That day Ari met for the first time a mouse. What a scare for me! She was excited and found it very cute, but Lucy was chasing it, and Ari was chasing the mouse while I was freaking out and didn’t know how to take Arianna from the whole situation and lock the door behind me… Arianna was very excited and told all relatives about her new “cute little friend that played with her cat”
showing mummy how gorgeous these Easter eggs made by Ari turned up to be!
Eggs hunt for Easter. What a thrill there was!!
Telling bedtime stories to her best friend.
Arianna chased Lucy all year long and stood by her side whenever possible. She also was obsessed with her baby that she carried with her everywhere.
Potty training was the one big step we made into becoming a big kid. See here to see if your child is ready to be potty trained.
Full PPE was introduced in nursing home and proper training about donning and doffing!
Besides 3 layered surgical masks we were given goggles or visors, aprons and gloves.
Summer time, grazed knees time
Making sure daddy is alright
Apparently even when you are a doll you have to go to school and learn
Wearing mummy’s heels!
Wearing a tiara while polishing the car with daddy… because, why not?
Girly activities are a joy for Arianna. She insisted in doing my pedicure, and she didn’t do a bad job.
Mummy’s birthday selfie
Mario’s Baptism day
Preparing the mix for the coloured powder for fun fights. You can find more details here.
Offering candy to Lucy
Celebrating the Baptism of our godson and nephew, Mario


She said she will leave to her own house. Packed her milk bottle and sweet, put shoes and hat on and waited for me to open her door.
Feeding the birds
Nature day out
Polishing the car with daddy is the most exciting task of the year!
New fashion style in the market
She is going to walk her doll
During the summer we had a colour powder fun fight in the garden. You can find the recipe here
Because sitting on the couch is boring
Dogs love Ari. Ari loves dogs.
Family walk. Arianna loved it at grandma’s house. She even took the key to grandma’s house with her when we left
Italy’s gorgeous beach.. it took 2 weeks for Arianna to stop crying and enjoy the beach. On the very last day of the holiday she liked it the most
Time capsule free download available here
T-shirt spray paining is good exercise for little artists, Check here some ideas
Reading to Lucy is fun. Ari can’t read!
Lucy has been painted with powdered milk, acrylics and toothpaste throughout the year
Helping mummy cook
Favourite dress of the year
Being a unicorn was a favourite part of Halloween for Ari
We built a fort for Bonfire night. See here how.
Autumn Scavenger hunt free download here
Yeah… going out it’s not her cup of tea when it’s windy
In 2020 Arianna decided to show her talents on the walls… every single day
Christmas baking session. Full story here.
She wore the mask a full day!

Evening playing session with daddy
Trip to Cannon Hall Farm to see Santa
“Santa has a big belly like mummy”
Playing time
Christmas presents!
New Year!
2020 was quite a year, but we hope 2021 will bring us more adventures and less drama!

How would you describe your 2020?

Stay safe,

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