How To Create A Handprint Wreath For Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and starting now I think it is Arianna’s as well. Following the scratch-off advent calendar activities (see here ), we came across so many fun and cute crafts we made together that brought the Christmas spirit in our house one day at a time.

We decided not to decorate the house too early, and to leave Arianna sprinkle her DIY projects around first, and will decorate closer to Christmas as a family tradition with the rest of ornaments and tinsel.

Our newest addition is a marvellous handprint wreath, and I will guide you step by step into making one.

Materials needed:
  • Colourful cardboard
  • Paper plate/wreath ring
  • Green paint and paint brush
  • Double sided tape/glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Adhesive gems
  • Ribbon
  • Wire (optional)
  • Laminator and laminating pouches (optional)



Draw on the cardboard the handprint of the child you want the wreath for. If you have an impatient child like mine, you can use the first handprint to draw the rest of them. I used two shades of green for the handprints as I wanted a Christmas-y wreath, but you can decide what colours to go for. I made 12 handprints of each coloured cardboard.

If your child is old enough to cut around the handprints it will be a good activity to do, but Arianna is not there yet, so I cropped the handprints for her.

Meanwhile, I have asked Arianna to paint me some paper plates green, and while I cropped the handprints she painted and let dry the plates. You can skip this part if you chose to use a wreath ring instead.

Using the scissors, cut the middle of the paper plate making a round doughnut shape. That will be the base of your wreath, or you can decide to use the wreath ring ready bought, instead. Using a paper plate will make the wreath usable only indoors, while using a ring made out of metal can be displayed outdoors as well.

If you decide you want to do an outdoor wreath at this point you laminate all the handprints and crop them again, to make them more durable in all kind of weather.

To attach the handprints on the paper plate base, you can use glue or double sided tape or even stapler. This version is safe and easy for children to make. For the metal ring I suggest attaching them with wire to ensure they remain strongly in place, but more likely an adult might need t do this step. You need to make little holes on side of each handprint to be able to do so. I have put the handprints on 2 layers, but you can do as many as you wish and you are happy with how it looks like.

Using the adhesive gems your child can now decorate the wreath and make it sparkly and eye catching. If you wish you can add other items as well, like glitter and ribbon, but we like it more simple.

Make a ribbon bow and add it for extra effect and the wreath is ready to be displayed in the focus of everyone’s attention.

This is one of the most easier and cuter projects we have made in a while and it is proudly admired by everyone seeing our living room door.

Use the comment section down below to share your ideas with me and share our posts on social media for your friends to see it too. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Stay safe,

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