Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Autumn is a great season and could be very educational for little children. As the nature changes, the coloristic of the leaves becomes a wonderful theme in children’s activities and gives a creativity boost if explored right.

I have heard of scavenger hunts on the internet, as I did not grow up with things like that, but wanted to teach Arianna the fun way to learn new things, so I made 2 charts to guide us exploring our local parks.

The first chart was meant to help us identify leaves of different colours, to find a stone, a twig, an acorn, a pinecone and a flower. I did the chart last minute and printed it, but I did not think of what we will do when we arrive in the park, but right before I got out the door, I grabbed a laminating sheet and a plastic wallet.

I used the laminating sheet to protect the chart I made (although I did not laminate it as I didn’t have time), and put it in the plastic wallet and gave it to Arianna. The joy in her eyes was priceless!! She already recognized some items, but needed a bit of guidance to understand what to do. That was it!

She started looking, jumping up and down in joy and showing us what she has seen. She came with the idea of putting the items in the plastic wallet as we find them, and was so very proud of every finding.

The park we went to is small and does not have acorns or pinecones, and she was upset about it, but we decided to repeat the day in the bigger park with the next occasion.

I added to the original chart a Learning The Colours Of Autumn chart with leaves in red, orange, yellow and green and made it specifically to be able to add stickers when we find the colours that we wanted. As I anticipated, Arianna was over the moon with the new chart as she loves the stickers and was able to stick plenty of them (as the park was covered in hundreds of them, huh!) as we explored the area.

Of course, all of the exploring happened after she had a good fair of running and playing around.

The pandemic is quite depressing and going out is more difficult than normal, and I want to be able to do the most when outside, to learn new things together and have fun. These simple charts brought the new in our routine and a lot of excitement.

What other games you do when going in the park?

Feel free to download the charts and use them with your children. Leave us your comments in the section down below and follow us on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest.

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Hi! My name is Flo and I am the mum of Arianna. I enjoy doing crafts with my kid and writing. I have started this blog to combine the two and to help others as well to get ideas and embrace motherhood the way I did. As a full time working mum, I do have struggles, and finding the balance between family and career is still a big issue for me. My blog reflects my struggles and shares the tips I have learnt along my journey, plus a lot of crafts and activities. Please leave your feedback in comments and subscribe if you like my content. Have fun scrolling through my posts!

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