Fruits And Vegetables Experimenting Painting

Hi there, mamas! I have seen online so many ideas of ways of painting, that I will share with you the most fun one we have tried so far. Using fruits and vegetables was a great experiment for us and we managed to create really pretty paintings that we proudly display in our living room right now.

For today’s activity you only need:

  • paint (we are using the Ready Mix from Poundland)
  • paper (we got online from Amazon the Canson Painting Pads which are brilliant, but any paper will do)
  • fruits and vegetables of your choice

Fruits and vegetables are very important for children and their growth. Having a good intake of these will give a good boost in immunity and as studies show, in their cognitive development.

Besides eating the fruits and vegetables, I think it’s very important as well for the children to be able to play with them and do little experiments, just like this one.

Painting with these untraditional tools should not be too different that normal painting, but there are still some tips available to ensure awesome patterns and to catch your little one’s attention.

  • Prepare your paper and paint. If you want an easy clean, you can cling film the table and get some wipes ready to wipe any accidents as soon as these happen.
  • Make sure your little one wears old clothing or special aprons for painting. It is incredible how many tops and trousers we have ruined with paint and could not make them like new again. We have now clothes that we use only when painting.
  • Cut the fruits and vegetables chosen into halves or in a shape that creates special effects. This will make the whole experience magical and will prompt the toddler to imagine new ways of using this new skill he just learnt.
  • Dip the fruits or vegetables in paint and shake the extra paint off, then use it on paper to create this new, fun looking prints.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the whole experiment and have fun with your toddler!

You can tell stories about fruits and vegetables while you paint together, or you can sing, just to get the most out of this.

Painting is one of our most loved activity and trying new things spices up our interest and we are looking forward for our next experiment.

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Stay safe,


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