2020 Resolutions

Hello, everybody! I can’t believe 2019 has come to an end. It has been a year full of surprises, worries, new adventures, sleepless nights and desperate times, new beginnings and changes of opinions, love and lots of hugs and kisses from the most important people in my life.

It’s been a though year, but I would not change it! It made me stronger, wiser and more confident. Everything happens with a reason and all we can do is to pray to God and thank Him for what we’ve got, and Lord, He gave me more than I ever wanted.
For 2020, though, I have few resolutions I want to make, and to ensure I’m not gonna forget about them, I’ll post my progress on the blog.
Here they are:
  1. Stop YELLING and start listening – I am a yeller, like my mum. Often I find myself yelling when pressure gets too high and this is how I relieve that pressure. But it’s not about me any more. It’s about my baby having a happy childhood, supportive parents. For this I am getting support from Dr. Laura Markham, by reading Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids – How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.

  2. Be more organised – although at work I always find the best ways of getting organised, at home I’m the worst. I can never find anything, I always delay tasks and chores and get overcrowded in the end. I like to spend time with Ari doing crafts together, but I’m messy as well and never put everything away. But I have to change that, for Ari to learn we have responsibilities and that a well organised home makes everyone’s lives easier, stress free.
  3. Marriage care – more date nights, more activities with hubby, more time for ourselves, more compliments. I have the best advice to follow for this one from great couples around us, and I’ll share that with you soon!

  4. Always put family first – it might sound daft, but although I love my family, I love my job as well. Becoming a nurse was the best thing for me, and I get so caught up, that sometimes I tend to work more than it’s necessary and neglect slightly my loved ones. I changed my job recently just for this reason, and as I am not based only to a place as a permanent staff, it’s easier for me to let go at the end of the shift and focus only on my daughter and husband. 2020 should be about them and I intend of finding new ways of spending as much time together as possible. Stay tuned, as I’ll share my tips and tricks with you.
  5. Lose weight – ha ha, not surprised, huh? Every woman wants this, but I must say, so far I haven’t tried so hard. I am stubborn, and don’t like it when someone wants for me to be in a certain way for varies matters (except when I’m at work, where I prefer a good feedback). Now I want to lose weight for me and my daughter. I want for her to have a role model in me, and all these resolutions are for her. As a matter of fact, I have more than enough kg to lose, and this won’t be an easy ride, but I can say I am determined enough to start it.
I don’t want to make more than 5 resolutions as I don’t want to make more promises than I can keep. I want to be focused and to keep my determinations all year round.

Wish me luck!

All the best for the New Year,

Stay safe,

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Hi! My name is Flo and I am the mum of Arianna. I enjoy doing crafts with my kid and writing. I have started this blog to combine the two and to help others as well to get ideas and embrace motherhood the way I did. As a full time working mum, I do have struggles, and finding the balance between family and career is still a big issue for me. My blog reflects my struggles and shares the tips I have learnt along my journey, plus a lot of crafts and activities. Please leave your feedback in comments and subscribe if you like my content. Have fun scrolling through my posts!

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