Book Review – Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer. How To Calm, Connect And Communicate With Your Baby by Tracy Hogg And Melinda Blau

Hello there and welcome back to my blog! For a while now I wanted to share the best parenting book I put my hands on and that helped me so, so much so far.

On Facebook I made a post about it when I was reading it, but it is so good I had to share it on my blog as well. The name says it all Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer. How To Calm, Connect And Communicate With Your Baby by Tracy Hogg And Melinda Blau.

Tracy Hogg has been a midwife and started her career in England, and later on decided to go to America. She worked with babies and children, first time parents of parents with more kids, premature or adopted babies, mums that had a C-Section and families with multiple births. Her experience is amazing and she decided to share it with us in this very easy to read guide for parents.

The book is structured so well that it is an absolute pleasure to read it even with the “baby brain” I had right before I gave birth.

What I loved about it werethe acronyms used to make it so much easier for me to remember the “theories” that Tracy believed that work based on her experience and the examples given made it so much clearer for me.

I don’t want to get into details about the content of the book as I won’t be able to describe it as it deserves, but it contains advice about how to receive your new baby into your home, what to expect as a first time parent from those first days together, the importance of a structured routine, respecting babies’ feelings and understanding how they communicate, breast and bottle feeding and other eating issues, activities, sleep, YOU, special circumstances and so much more. For information more in depth about weaning, though, I recommend New Complete Baby And Toddler Meal Plannerby Annabel Karmel.

As a fist time mum, the information received reading this book made me so much more relaxed about the arrival of my baby (as I read it while in hospital waiting to deliver), about what I have to do to understand my baby and not to become overwhelmed about the situation, everything being new to me.

I would recommend this book to everyone welcoming a new baby in their family or even to those parents that got stuck and are searching for an answer.

I won’t say anything else! I will let the book speak for itself.

If you’ve read it, leave an opinion down below in the comments area! If you like the content of my blog don’t forget to subscribe and share for your friends to see it as well.

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