How To Entertain Your 3-6 Months Old Baby

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog! We discussed about a month ago about how to entertain a newborn, and for today I plan on making a list of activities suitable for 3-6 months old babies.

As your baby grows is so much easier to understand her needs and to enjoy spending time together. It is more fun and more educational as you can see her learning new things each day. On the 3-6 months old period your baby develops so much in so little time it’s crazy.

I made a list with the activities we did with Arianna to help her explore the world and enjoy learning new things. Hopefully this will guide new parents as we received guidance from others.

Playing with the activity mat/gym – as I mentioned in my previous post from last month, the activity gym is so helpful for your growing baby as it encourages the little one to move and gain strength. Your baby now is getting more of playing on this mat as she discovers new ways every day of how she can reach toys and handle them.

Tummy time – at this age, tummy time is much easier and more interesting. Arianna loved it and her sensory hula hoop was one of her favourite toys until she discovered she can crawl and reach any object on her own. Doing tummy time helped her gain enough strength to be able to crawl and sometimes it was just very cosy position to play.

Singing nursery rhymes – the 3-6 months old baby is much more alert and has so much fun seeing you singing and dancing in front of her. She will try to imitate and make sounds or gestures new to them and both of you will have a great time. I promise!

Walks – any baby loves walks, may them be in a pram, car, shopping cart, mommy’s arm… this way they can see the outside world and get curious to learn more about it. Plus it is so easy to put you baby to sleep after a nice long walk!

Play peek-a-boo – this was the funniest discovery we’ve made as parents, seeing Arianna enjoy peek-a-boo so much. This entertained her every single time we played and never got tired of it.

Imitate animals – you baby may not remember a lot or you may not feel like your baby is not learning a lot, but imitating animals while reading a story book with animals or when playing with soft toys will place your baby in a very interesting story and the imagination of your baby will be fed by this game play. And the laugh of your baby is definitely worth it!

Talk with your baby and use your mimics – Arianna loves when your face is very expressive while talking with her. It makes her pay attention and at 6 months she knew by my face when I was disapproving of one of her behaviours, and despite the fact she did not understand not to do it no more, she showed signs of receiving my message. She feels amused though of your mimics and having her being happy is enough for me.

Play with a soft ball – babies explore the world. Seeing a ball rolling is so entertaining for them and encourages them to gain enough strength as well to be able to sit or to crawl to get the ball.

Introduce teething toys – at this age most probable your little one will start teething. Teething toys help him sooth any discomfort to his gums and are also very interesting to analyse! Again and again!

Read books – hard pages books are great and safer. The colours and characters of the books will be at least eye catching, but if while you read the story you point the animals and imitate them or talk differently for each character, you definitely will catch the attention and interest of your baby.

Introduce your pets – Around this age it is the perfect time to introduce animals to your little one. In my opinion, Arianna was old enough to be aware of the existence of our cat, Lucy, if we introduce to her properly. Only supervised encounters we allowed and after having a moment together we made sure Arianna was not covered in fur and that her hands were well washed after ‘petting’ the cat. Most of the times Lucy didn’t want to be anywhere near baby, but sometimes she was all for all the rough touches of our curious explorer. As Arianna grew up, these moments of them got more emotional or eventful, and Lucy was the reason why Arianna started crawling like a pro.

These are just the most important activities we have done with Arianna who is 7 months old now, but there are still so many more you can try, depending on your likes and dislikes, your baby’s personality and environment you live in.

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Have a great week-end and get ready for Monday’s article!

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Hi! My name is Flo and I am the mum of Arianna. I enjoy doing crafts with my kid and writing. I have started this blog to combine the two and to help others as well to get ideas and embrace motherhood the way I did. As a full time working mum, I do have struggles, and finding the balance between family and career is still a big issue for me. My blog reflects my struggles and shares the tips I have learnt along my journey, plus a lot of crafts and activities. Please leave your feedback in comments and subscribe if you like my content. Have fun scrolling through my posts!

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