Fun Things To Do With Your Newborn

Hello there! Flo here, for those of you who don’t know me yet!

Today I was thinking of going through the activities that can be done with a newborn, as I’ve assisted to few conversations on this topic and heard things like “but it’s just a baby and he does not understand much, there is not much you can do with him”. I totally disagree with this and will share some of the activities that we did with Arianna and not entertained her, but made us understand more her needs, her likes and dislikes.

Skin-to-skin contact – I know it’s not an activity meant to entertain, but skin-to-skin contact is very important and it is recommended by every professional as it helps the baby to connect with the parents in the best way possible. And when you see yourself with a newborn in your arms, sometimes might be overwhelming! Just relax and take your time getting to know your little member of the family and have plenty of naked cuddles. This contact it’s so personal, but sometimes accidents may happen, so see the humour behind it :).

Tummy time – One of the most important activity your baby must do. Some of babies love it, others hate it, but it is certain that it helps them gain strength in arms, legs, back, neck. It is a motivational time for them to try to do things on their own. We started with 45 degree tummy time, while doing skin-to-skin contact and she was on my chest. Speaking softly to her she wanted to see my face and it was a good reason for her to follow my voice. She spent some time on the nursing pillow as well to get some support and gain some strength before going on a perfectly flat surface. Arianna loved her tummy time since day one and had plenty of fun exercising, and we just helped her feed her interest.

Sing nursery rhymes – If you have voice or not, your baby won’t mind. She is familiarised with your voice and loves it as it is. Singing nursery rhymes (or any songs, really) will keep your newborn’s interest high in how you move your mouth to make sounds, will be entertained by the show and will try to imitate you (sooner or later). Shall I mention that music will make you more relaxed and take off the stress every new mum has.

Play on activity mat – We bought an activity mat/gym when I was pregnant. On the box it said it is recommended for 0-12 months ages. When Arianna was 2 weeks old I tried placing her on the mat, but felt like it’s useless as she was sleeping all the time, couldn’t see the toys hanged in front of her and decided to put it away for a while. After another 2 weeks I tried again and realised that it was much more appropriate for her, but that the toys are too high for her, so decided to buy new one, longer, to be closer to her face, so in her sight. That motivated her to start grabbing them, analyse them, later on to try to sit to reach the toys that were shorter. No matter what you prefer to do on an activity mat, your baby will love it.

Walks– Going outside it’s always good for your baby, no matter what transportation method you chose (pram, sling, holding the baby). There have been some questions of when do we know when it’s the best time to take the baby out, but I would say whenever you feel confident. We went outside in the first week, mostly because we had to, and after that, because we already have been outside before, so why not?! Fresh air will help your baby sleep better, and later on will motivate him to be more curious about the outside world.

Baths and massages – Quite a must do, but I decided to put it on my list because it can be fun by introducing little games, sounds or tickles. I do not agree to baths each day before bed, as baby’s skin is very sensitive and can change the pH levels, but each parent knows better how to look after their babies and I respect that. Bath time is Arianna’s favourite and the oil massage that I give her after each bath relaxes her and gives us the opportunity to cuddle more and to laugh, sing songs and to share a million kisses. Sometimes she’s too tired, so there is no fun in there, just grumpy faces, but we are humans and did not expect perfection.

Read bedtime stories – Most babies love to listen to stories as that helps them to prepare for bedtime. These should be short though for a newborn as she sleep a lot anyway. Reading at a certain time each day will help install a pattern and baby will prepare for bed each time when you start your bedtime story.

Photo shoot – Everyone loves newborn photos. Look on Pinterest or anywhere on the internet for some inspiration and start having fun and record these special moments with your new member of the family. We certainly did and loved it.

Imitate the sounds made by baby – That will make her noticed and will encourage her to continue making them, stimulating her to try new sounds as well. Everything is new to your baby and she will learn everyday!

Introduce toys – Rattles, teething toys, balls, teddies! Everything is new and interesting for your little one. The first month not many toys will attract him as the awake time is limited, but step by step the things around him will become noticed. First reactions and discoveries are full of laughter and joy, so enjoy and cherish them!

Your newborn has an unique personality and will discover new likes and dislikes along the way. I am no expert and I shared with you only what I learned in the last months with my precious baby girl who at the moment is five months old. I would like to hear what other suggestions you have in the comment section down below.

Wish you all a great weekend and will return with a new post on Monday!

Stay safe,


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